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Morocco is a country located in North Africa between Algeria and the Western Straits. It's main exports are iron ore, lead, and zinc. Morroco has a mountainous coast with large fertile plateaus and valleys.

Frequently asked questions about Morrocco,Morrocians, and terms found in Morocco

Who were the Berbers? The Berbers were the first people to live in Morocco and North Africa. Their social structure is Tribal which means a leader is appointed. They also believe men should take care of livestock.

What is silt? Silt is composed of small particles of rich soil. Silt can mainly be found along rivers and oceans. Silt is used to help farmers farm in the desert.

What is the Suez Canal? The Suez Canal is a man made canal used to cut through Africa. The canal was made when people were tired of going around Africa so they dug a canal to get places faster. The canal is mainly used by trade ships.

What is a wadi? A wadi is a dry riverbed filled with water. First a river drys up, mainly in a desert. Then it rains and the riverbed fills with water.

What is the Sahara desert? The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. Sahara means desert. it is about the size of the US and is actually made up of two deserts.