Product Manager

working as a product manager

The requirements needed for this job.

Minimum academic requirements is a bachelor's degree in business. Product managers can benefit from undergraduate classes in marketing, communications, economics, advertising and statistics. They must have excellent leadership skills and the ability to communicate well with others and should be able to meet tough deadlines, handle stress and have good judgment.

Description of what its like being a product manager.

Research and analyze market conditions. Identify key competitor and consumer trends. Articulate market requirements and opportunities. Identify opportunities for product innovation and product enhancements. Work with research regarding product development.

Daily schedule for first 30 days.

1. Set clear expectations with the CEO or your manager 2. Schedule a one-on-one with everyone on the team 3. Ask everyone this question “What can I do to make your life easier?” 4. Take a load off their back 5. Schedule time with your lead engineer to walk through the product’s technical architecture, in deep detail 6. Resist the urge to jump in and start changing things

Biggest challenges/rewards

Challenges 1. Unrealistic deadlines 2. Failure to manage risk 3. Insufficient team skills 4. Lack of accountability 5. Visions and goals not well defined

Rewards 1. Able for promotion 2. Higher salary