School Store Code of Ethics

By: Brittany Vanderpool

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Ten Codes of Ethics

  1. Employee theft- being honest about money and actually buying cookies instead of taking them, or if another employee sees another employee stealing tell the teacher immediately
  2. Telling the customer the truth- for example if you dropped a pretzel on a floor and stuck it back in the container, that is not okay.
  3. Accounting procedures- making sure the registers dropped at the end of the day and the money is brought to the office before the end of sixth period.
  4. Keeping the store clean and free of bacteria- making sure we clean the counters, keeping the cookie dough and pretzels at the right temperature so they don't mold, cleaning the popcorn machine, cleaning the spatulas at the end of the day, and also cleaning slushy machine.
  5. Accepting gifts from suppliers- we are not allowed to accept gifts so we have to tell them politely that we are not allowed to accept them but we appreciate the offer and it means a lot.
  6. Supporting advertising promises- for instance saying we are selling smoothies on Fridays and then the smoothies don't show up so we have unhappy customers.
  7. Giving the right amount of change- making sure you are giving customers the correct amount of change.
  8. Making sure customer is satisfied- if the pretzels are frozen burnt or too cold replacing them with fresh ones.
  9. Negotiating prices- lowering the prices for friends is not allowed.
  10. Checking in merchandise properly- count inventory and make sure it is documented correctly.