help them just keep swimming! :)

help them live forever∞

you probobly are thinking, why do they matter?Well, if they die, then the animals that eat them will die, if those animals die, then the animals that eat those animals will die, (ect.) eventully, humans will be out of animals to eat if we keep hunting animals at this rate.

people need to realise once it's gone, it's gone FOREVER. & it can't come back. Do something before it's too late.

everyone can make a difference in their own way.☼

in this world we have to take chances, sometimes their worth it, sometimes their not,but you never know until you try.if we all try then maybe we will save the turtles, & every other endangered animal, but, maybe we wont. Even if we can& save them, then atleast we know we tried, atleast we helping to try & make a difference, as long as we try, everything will be okay.

please help♥

it would mean so much to me, & of corse the turtles♥


the sad thing is there is so many endangered species that no one knows about, then there gone & no one notices or cares, people dont & realise what they have until it& already gone, & by then, it's too late to do anything about it.