ancient rome

gage edge

soliders and glatiator

A roman soldier had a helmet, chest plat, shield, and sword. The soldiers will be around the town and at the gates. Gladiators are people that fight for people entertainment. If a rotaries and sectors are fighting the sector will win cause he can throw the net over rotaries. Gladiators have a choses to live or die from the king. You will not like to be a robber because the guards will kill you.


In the theater they play songs and do plays. If you lived near a theater it will be really loud in there. Even if you are sleeping it will still be hard to fall asleep.


Rome has a lot of temples. In Rome there is temple called Hadrian’s pantheon. It is temple to all of the gods and goddess. There are even temples that have statues in them.


Rome has a lot of shops. The different shops sell food, pots, closes, weapons, and armor. They even have a stage to sell people to do there chores.


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