Teresa Perales

By Alonso González

You are going to meet my everyday hero!

María Teresa Perales Fernández is an everyday hero because she's a Paralympic champion.
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At the age of nineteen, she developed neuropathy and lost feeling in her legs over a three-month period. She has twenty two Paralympic medals, between the Paralympic Games of Sydney (Australia) in 2000, Athens (Greece) in 2004, Beijing (China) in 2008 and London (United Kingdom) in 2012.

Now, she's training for this summers Paralympic Games. They will be celebrated in Río de Janeiro (Brazil). She's six time Paralympic champion

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She works as a politician, teacher, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Right now, she works as a politician, and a professional Paralympic swimmer.

She works in "Congreso de los Diputados" and then, she train six hours.

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At work, she has to be clever to be a politician and strong to be a swimmer.

She is also a writer, she wrote two books, so when she write, she has to be creative.

I would like to be a swimmer like her and win Olympic medals, but not a politician because I think is boring.

But, I would prefer to be a sport doctor because I love that job!

Swimming - Women's 100m Freestyle - S5 Final - London 2012 Paralympic Games