Jaden Himmelreich

This is a picture of where my Utopia is located

My Utopia would have a lot of things in it such as baseball, basketball, and football. There would be a certain area where the animals would stay.

Why LOTF is not a Utopia

1. Many of the people disagree with Jack or Ralph

2. You have to hunt to get food which is not perfect

3. Rules are broken and nobody follows them

4. It is difficult to live with wild animals and no shelter

5. Also some of the kids don't get along at some point

Why My Utopia is a Utopia

1. There is equal money for everyone.

2. There is everything there to play such as all sports.

3. All of the people get along in it.

4. The people decide what is right in the Utopia.

5. Everyone gets a big house to live in because everyone is equal.