The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Robotics Spring 2016

The Journey

The journey was very hard on Lewis and Clark. It started with them having a standoff with the Tenton Sioux, an indian tribe. Next, they had a fast approaching winter. During the winter they lost a ton of food. Then Lewis was chased by a bear about 80 yards. Next they came to a fork in the river. One would lead to a fall aind the other would lead to the Rockies. After that they had to cross the Rockies on horses. To get the horses the had to stop at the Shoshone villages. To buy the horses Clark had to give the Shoshone his knife, his pistol, and 100 rounds of ammunition. Then they thought that they had finally hit the coast. But they were 20 miles away. After awhile they did hit the water. They decided to stay the winter by the coast.

The Reason

One of the reasons for The Lewis and Clark Expedition was to find the most practicable water communication across the continent, for the purpose of commerce. Another reason was for mapping the area and scientific research.

The Return

They had to time the return perfectly, if they didn't they would run into another winter in the Plains. When they started the noticed that going around the water falls would be to hard. So they decided to buy horses from the Walla Walla tribe. They rested at Nez Perce. Before leaving Nez Perce they got new horses and we're ready to head east towards home. When they got to the Bitteroots they noticed that it was still winter there. They had to turn around and go back to Nez Perce to ask for help. They then continued forward. They spilt up into a Lewis group and Clark group. They reunited when someone from Clarks group accidentally hit Lewis left thigh thinking that he was an elk. They had one more fight between the Tenton Siox. They had returned 2 years 4 months and 10 days after they had left.