All About Me

brandon bruckner

school subject strengths

My favorite and one of my best classes is history class.

Hobbies and Activities.

One of my hobbies are collecting Jeff Burton race cars.I also collect national park quarters. I play foot ball and I plan on going for baseball when it starts next year.

This is what kind of smart I am

I am nature smart ,because I like nature,I am also body smart because I am a good actor. Lastly i am pitcher smart because I like to pitcher things and then draw them.


I value my family and church.

learning styles

My general learning style is learning by doing . My learning style for math is by talking the problems through . My social learning style is learning with others so that means i like learning with others .

Holland cods

this is my Holland codes ,I am investigative , conventional and realistic.

these are my three career clusters

Informational scientist , Judicial law clerk , and a statisticians.

my future job and salary

The job I want to do when I get older is being a Meteorologist the salary is 45 thousand to 109 thousand dollars per year .