The Red Badge of Courage

Book by Stephen Crane, Project by Colin Frederick

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The Setting

The Red Badge of Courage takes place during the Civil War on a battle field.

The Main Characters

The three main characters were Jim Conklin, Wilson, Henry Fleming.

  • Jim Conklin - Jim was referred to in the story as "the tall soldier" who befriends the young Henry and inspires him.
  • Wilson - Crane doesn't give the first name of Wilson, but rather calls him "the loud soldier". Wilson is eventually known as "the friend" once he and Henry grow closer. He is with Henry leading the charge at the final battle.
  • Henry Fleming - Referred to as "the youth", Henry is the hero of the story who's dream is to be a war hero.

The Main Conflict

Henry Fleming wants to become a war hero but when he goes to fight he realizes how scary war is so runs at first, but then he finds his courage and acknowledges there are some things worth fighting for so he returns to battle.