Alexander Bell

By Zachary Steele

Background Information

Alexander Bell was born on March 3 1847 in Edinburgh Scotland.He was home schooled by his father then went to High school and University of edinburgh.His wife name is Mobel Gardiner Hubbard 1877 to 1922.Alexander Bell had 4 kids there name is Bobert,Edward,Marianhbbard and Elsie.Alexander had brothers melville James bells and Edward Chorles Bell.Alexander jobs were a Teacher,Scientist and Iventor.

Important Iventions and Other Accomplishments

Alexander Mother and Wife were Deaf. In 1876 the Telephone was invented and the Phonogragh was invented in 1886. Alexander started Iventing in 1876 and he was 29 years old.Alexander was working on the Telephone for 6 years. The Telephone perpuse was to talk voice sigonl to another Telephone. Alexander have 5 award the U.S Parents Award in 1876,he earned a John Fritz Medal in 1907,then he earn a Elliott Cresson Medal in 1912,he earn a Hughes Medal 1913 and he earn the IEEE Edison Medal in 1914.

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