Online Programs 2014-2015 Update

Aldine Online Learning Department

What's Happening...

The Online Learning Department is providing you with information, updates, and training opportunities for all district-purchased online programs. If you have specific campus requests, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page.

New and Noteworthy

This year, the Online Learning Department has created a streamlined process to assist teachers with online programs. CLICK HERE to visit the Technology Request Page on the Aldine Virtual School website.

What's new with iStation?

We have several new and exciting features involving iStation for this school year:

  • Pre-K students will now be able to use the program in English and Spanish!
  • iStation can now be used by teachers and students on the iPad! (Download the free app from the Apple Store.)
  • iStation Math is available to use! We have the ISIP Math assessment (screener for grades 2-8), and focused lessons for grades 2-5 available to teachers.

Student and Teacher login conventions:

For Students:
Username is the Student ID

Password is the Student ID + a (123456a)

For Teachers:

iStation generates your username, and you will set a password. Please visit the Technology assistance link to request a username/password.

Fastt Math (2-12) and Fraction Nation (5-12) get shiny new URLs!

Over the summer, the URLs for these programs changed! The programs now run faster and smoother than ever before! All students have been uploaded into Fastt Math and Fraction Nation.

Fastt Math Teacher Site

Fastt Math Student Site

Fraction Nation Teacher Site: fractionnation1:55880/slms/educatoraccess

Fraction Nation Student Site: fractionnation1:55880/slms/studentaccess

Student and Teacher login conventions:

For Students:

Username and Password are the Student ID number (lunch number)

For Teachers:

Username is the prefix of your e-mail address

Password default is set to: aldine1

**These teacher accounts are not created automatically. Teachers must request access to both Fastt Math and Fraction Nation.

PLE (Plato)

PLE has undergone a number of changes over the summer. Here are the highlights:

  • PLE is now strictly K - 8 access
  • A NEW student interface in Sensei
  • Easier group creation and management for teachers in Sensei
  • All students and teachers have been uploaded into the system

Login Conventions:

Account Number: aisd7

Username: StudentID (lunch number) for teachers it's your Novell ID

Password: StudentID (lunch number) for teachers your default password is: plato

Think Through Math

We are working at the district level to upload students into Think Through Math. The Think Through Math uploads for students and teachers is now complete. Passwords were reset, since we had a lot of campus changes. If your old password doesn't work, click the "Forgot Password" button to get your new password. What's new with Think Through Math:

  • New Math TEKS are integrated into the lessons!
  • Gap-Buster lessons to help fill the gaps with the TEKS alignment
  • Tablet optimized - device agnostic. Think Through Math will work on ANY mobile device!
  • Point totals are now awarded by successful completion of lessons, not just attempts.
  • Spend time talking about expectations with your students for Think Through Math. The students need to know what the expectation is with the program, and their growth will be exponential!

Aldine Online Learning Department

District Coordinator for Online Learning - Kiesha Taylor

Online Programs Coordinator - Erin McPheters

Professional Development Opportunities!

We offer weekly trainings for all of the online programs. Here are a few of the upcoming trainings available on ePortal:

September 8, 2014 - PLE (Plato) Program Training

September 9, 2014 - Fastt Math and Fraction Nation Program Training

September 10, 2014 - iStation Program Training

September 11, 2014 - Think Through Math Program Training

September 16, 2014 - Fastt Math and Fraction Nation Program Training

September 17, 2014 - iStation Program Training

September 18, 2014 - Think Through Math Training

All trainings can be found on ePortal under "Instructional Technology."