Mrs. Bumatay's Bulletin

For Parents and Students

Volume 2 . Issue 10 . Week of October 11, 2021


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Dear Cavalier Families,

This week's announcements:

  • Achieve 3000 success! Achieve 3000 is the online program that is meant to increase students' reading levels. There were 359 students eligible for Fun Friday last week! Students who complete the assigned Achieve 3000 article every week and pass the quiz with a 75% or higher have the choice of staying in Advisory class on Fridays or coming back out to the lunch area to enjoy music or an ASB planned activity after attendance has been taken. Students can read more than the assigned article! Please support our reading efforts at home!
  • The first Rise Up Friday was held last week! This is a specialized intervention to provide assistance to raise grades and impact student learning. Invited students will work with their Math Teachers this Friday. Students on the Rise Up list will be escorted from their 6th period teacher to their math teacher and work with them until 2:15 pm.
  • We have seen disturbing TikTok challenges circulating with the latest one being "Slap a Teacher". Our district will not tolerate these illegal and disruptive challenges. Please ensure your students is aware of consequences if they participate in any of these on campus.
  • CVM will NOT be hosting COVID testing this week. Please see the revised schedule in the flyer below.
  • Parent conferences: Mini CABE (California Association for Bilingual Education) Annual conference online, Sat., November 6, 2021, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. CABE is focused on serving English Learners. Our school will sponsor parents to attend. Please contact our Community Resource Facilitator, Ms. if you are interested.
  • Another Parent Conference is the FERIA Annual Conference, Sat., November 13,2021, 8:00 am-3:30 pm. This is a Special Education conference serving the needs of Spanish speaking students with special needs. See more information on this link, Please contact Ms. if you would like to attend.

Last Week's announcements:

  • The Magkaisa Filipino Parent and Student conference is set to take place virtually on Saturday, October 16. The event is free and open to everyone. The conference will feature workshops on Preparing for Post-Secondary Options, Career Panels, and Cultural Workshops. Click here to attend.
  • SUHSD Parent University is back with new topics this month. The first one will be on held on October 12, 2021 from 1 - 2 pm. Please visit the website for more information. Free!

Please feel free to contact myself or one of the Assistant Principals with any questions.

Mr. is our 8th grade Assistant Principal

Ms. is subbing as our 7th grade Assistant Principal

In your service,

Mrs. Lora Bumatay

The Cavalier Way trait of the Month is Cooperation!

Students receive information about the Trait of the Month in Advisory.

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ACHIEVE 3000 ARTICLE information is also distributed in Advisory

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Thank you for all you do! Mr. Sanchez, Ms. Vizcarra, Mr. Figueroa, (Mr. Rosales and Mr. Hernandez not pictured).

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A reminder that Masks are required on campus!

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Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the US. Women who get regularly screened for breast cancer have a 47% lower risk of dying from the disease compared to those who don’t. Breast cancer deaths have been declining since 1990 thanks to early detection, better screening, increased awareness, and new treatment options.


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Students who have been identified by their teachers will receive an invitation to stay afterschool on certain Fridays to receive extra assistance. Parents, please plan to pick up your student after the designated time. This is a specific program for targeted student support to raise grades and overall student learning.
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Food Distribution Here at CVM fourth Thursday of the month on G Street!

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UPDATED testing sites

We will NOT be hosting COVID testing on October 12th. This is the updated schedule for October 11 - 15, 2021.
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(Updated September 17)

The COVID-19 virus is still actively impacting our community. Vaccination, mask wearing and testing are our main protections to stop the spread and ensure schools return to normal. Please view the COVID-19 Guide for Parents, English and Spanish.

Our district will continue to offer Rapid COVID testing, in partnership with San Diego State University (SDSU) and Communities Fighting COVID. Every month, the testing calendar will be posted on the district’s COVID website here: Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the COVID vaccine and here is the link for all COVID Testing Sites. We all know someone who has been personally affected by this virus. Please continue to wear masks, wash hands frequently and maintain social distancing to help prevent the spread of infection.

COVID-19 Positive Cases

  • If any student (vaccinated or unvaccinated, symptomatic or asymptomatic) is determined to be positive for COVID, that student must isolate at home for 10 calendar days.

COVID-19 Close Contacts

• If a student is confirmed VACCINATED and ASYMPTOMATIC, that student does NOT have to quarantine at home. VACCINATED close contact students may remain in school. Families and school personnel should monitor the student for any symptoms. The CDC and local health department are recommending, however, that even VACCINATED and ASYMPTOMATIC close contacts students take a COVID test between the 3rd -5th day.

• If close contact students are MASKED:

o UNVACCINATED and ASYMPTOMATIC students shall follow the Close Contact 10-day

monitoring protocol (Modified quarantine):

o Students may remain at school, in class for in-person instruction.

o Students MUST take COVID tests twice a week at least three days apart for a 10-day

interval (in consultation with site administration) and provide the NEGATIVE COVID test

result to school administration. (Students may NOT remain in school if they do not provide

NEGATIVE COVID test results.)

o Students may NOT participate in extracurricular activities and community activities Day 8.

To return on Day 8, they must produce a Negative COVID-19 Test on or after Day 6; absent

a Negative test they can resume after the 10-day period. Students MUST still conduct daily

symptom self-monitoring.

o If students and/or family do not agree to the Close Contact 10-day monitoring protocol,

then they must quarantine for 10 calendar days at home and may return on Day 11, as long as the student is asymptomatic.

• If ANY student in a close contact situation is UNMASKED:

o UNVACCINATED and ASYMPTOMATIC students, per local health guidance, may NOT

participate in the 10-day modified quarantine or in-person instruction and MUST follow a

specified quarantine protocol (see your school nurse for specific details).

• If the COVID-19 exposure happens outside the school setting (i.e. household or community),

the student MUST quarantine at home for 14 days.

• Families with students who are close contacts will likely get a call from the County of San Diego to confirm a student was a close contact and may provide more restrictive guidance on what the modified quarantine requires outside of the school campus.


  • Any student (vaccinated or unvaccinated) having any symptoms should remain at home until the symptoms improve. If students are sent to school with symptoms or develop them while on campus, parents will be called to pick up student. The students may not remain in the classroom with symptoms. f the symptoms are related to COVID-19, a negative COVID-19 PCR test AND improved symptoms are required prior to return to school; OR the student may remain at home for 10 days.
*Please note: District personnel will review COVID cases. Specific cases may require students to follow protocols not listed above. Please review the San Diego County Office of Education Decision Tree for specific guidance
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Supporting our Mental health

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Click here to visit our CVM's Virtual Calming Room

Kudos to our counselor's for creating this space for our school community!

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Mental Health Resources

Resources for Staying Mentally and Emotionally Healthy

Our School Mission

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