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Social Emotional Learning Kick Off

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Students, Parents, and Staff we are Excited to Share all the Wonderful Resources

During this time social emotional learning is more important to ensure we are working with students, parents, and staff to support our students and keep them safe.

Guidance and Counseling Team Available to Help


Social Workers

At-Risk Counselors

College Counselor

Career Counselor

Attendance Officers/Dropout Prevention Specialist

Social Emotional Learning Specialist

Special Program Specialist- Military, McKinney -Vento and Foster Care

Communities in Schools

Our Model for Social Emotional Learning

As we all know times have changed but one key component has not. We still need to educate students to be well rounded and social emotional skills are highly important during our new school setting.

Counseling Services for the 2020-2021 School Year

Social Emotional curriculum models for instruction

* In person instruction- Guidance lessons, individual counseling sessions, and group counseling sessions will be provided when students are in person.

* Remote/virtual learning - Students will complete guidance lessons via Canvas and zoom sessions as needed. Guidance lessons for each topic in our SEL plan will be available one to two times a month. Zoom sessions for individual and group sessions will also be an option for students.

What is our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Plan

We will cover the following components monthly. Our goal is to continue to increase emotional intelligence in the 2020-2021 school year. Judson ISD's goal is to produce excellence! We will not only have a solid curriculum program in academics and a strong Social Emotional plan to to produce well rounded students that will be prepared with a high IQ and EQ upon graduation.
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Social Emotional Learning Kick Off -Class Catalyst

Great news class catalyst will be available starting September 28th for all students in PK-12th grade. Teachers please see flyer below to sign up for training. If you cannot make training on September 22nd or September 23rd the sessions will be recorded to preview at a later time.

Mindful Practices Town Hall Webinars- For Staff and Parents

We will have weekly Town Hall Webinars to discuss topics of your choice pertaining to Social Emotional Learning such as trauma informed practices, anti-racism and education, student voice, self-care workshops, and many other social emotional learning and well being related topics. Click on the link below to share any topics you would be interested in.

Virtual Calm Down Rooms, Study Focus Music, and Brain Breaks

Students, Staff, and Parents visit our website to explore the virtual rooms for mindfulness techniques.

Student SEL Toolkit

Trauma -Sensitive Tools for Back -To-School for Students.

Staff SEL Toolkit

5 Mindfulness Tools for social emotional learning.