A Guide to Farthenwood

By: Emma Spoonauer


Hey I'm sage and I'm a prince who was a disgrace to his father (the king of Carthya). He sent me away one day one a ship to a school that would teach me how to become a royal. I escaped the ship and swam to a country called Avenia. There I pretended to be an orphan One day, a man named Conner came. They took me and three other children from orphanages to his wealthy home he called Farthenwood. Conner's plan was to turn one of us boys into a false prince to save the country of Carthya from war. There I trained to become a prince and took classes like sword fighting, horseback riding, reading, and history. I hope you make yourself at home here in Farthenwood because it's going to be filled with twists and turns!


Fartjenwood is very beautiful and wealthy but it's also full of secerets. Being at Fartnewood can change your life and can often be very challenging so, I'm going to tell you some tips about tips for succeeding at school, what's popular to talk about, places and people to avoid, places and people to go to, survival, good etiquette, and how to become Jaraon. I hope you have fun, but don't die or get hurt

Tips For Succeeding At School

  1. Obey your teacher
  2. Listen in class
  3. Take notes and study them later
  4. Respect teacher
  5. Try your best and practice

What's popular to talk about

  1. Who is going to become prince

  2. Murder

  3. Carthya kingdom history

  4. Royals

  5. Who is better than who

places and people to avoid

  1. Tobias

  2. Roden

  3. Passageways

  4. Cregan

  5. Dungeon

Places and People you should go to

  1. Imogen

  2. Mott

  3. Princess Amiranda

  4. Dining Room

  5. Bedroom

Tips for survival

  1. Never back down

  2. Don’t let anyone think that they are better than you

  3. Learn how to use a weapon

  4. Do what Conner says

  5. Have good comebacks

Good Etiquette

  1. Have good posture

  2. Know what utensils are which

  3. Wait until everyone sits down and then you can eat

  4. Wear proper clothing

  5. Chew with mouth closed

How to become Jaraon

  1. Be witty and clever

  2. Know the history of the kingdom

  3. Know how to use a sword

  4. Know how to ride a horse

  5. Fight and don’t back down
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