Mentor Chat

Rajaram Rajendran talks about the digital revolution.

Rajaram talks about his journey into film-making.

A synopsis of the chat with our mentor Rajaram Rajendran.

iReboot: Tell us something about your journey into films.

Rajaram: I started as a TV artist and then moved onto various areas like post-production, website design, matte painting and digital art and finally into films for advertising.

iReboot: So what would you say are your films all about?

Rajaram: I do many experimental films with low cost shoots but high on post-production. I spend a lot of time and effort with complete hands on work in post-production and editing.

iReboot: Have your films been showcased ?

Rajaram: My films have been showcased in the motion graphics section of Behance.

iReboot: How would you say has film-making evolved?

Rajaram: Digital film-making has made film-making available to everyone with an interest since it is no longer as expensive as it was 10 years ago.

iReboot: Who should do this workshop?

Rajaram: Anyone with an interest in learning the tools and acquiring the necessary skill set. It gives the right information and necessary guidance to film-making.

iReboot: How does one become an independent film maker?

Rajaram: Independent film making, Indie films as they are called, are those not backed by large production houses. These films are all about doing all the work, right from arranging finance from friends and family or elsewhere to shoot locations, props, editing studios to screening and showcasing. A complete system exists which is used by these film makers.