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Motivating African-American Males & Learning from Failure

"No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship" ~ Dr. James Comer

Motivating African-American Males

  1. Post children's pictures next to their hero.
  2. Build positive relationships with your students. (Ideas: Positive notes home, attend sporting events, celebrate birthdays, home visits, sharing photos of your family and interests, let them call home with good news, interest inventory.)
  3. Label your students (in a good way)...Scholar, College Bound, Future Valedictorian. Give them a positive lens to see themselves through!
  4. Encourage positive attitude talk. (Example: Writing Prompt - "All things are possible because...")
  5. Remember - about 2/3 of what we communicate is non-verbal. What does your body language and tone communicate to your students?
  6. The child may be the "adult" at home - so avoid harshness or embarrassing a child when disciplining. Use your adult voice (not your parent or choice voice).
  7. Use multi-cultural literature.

(Points taken from a presentation by Mr. Carlton Ashby)

Learning from Failure Video Clip

Keep Moving Forward!