The Thirteen Colonies

All Of The Thirteen Colonies Info!!

The Map

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New Jersey

New Jersey was found on December 18, 1787. It was founded by Sir George Carteret. It was named to honor Carteret who had been the governor of Jersey. Some cool facts are that the first basketball game was in 1846 and New Jersey is 127 miles from the Atlantic ocean.
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New Hampshire

New Hampshire was found on 1622. It was found by Captain John Mason. Hampshire County in England was why it was named New Hampshire. Some cool facts are that of the thirteen New Hampshire was the first colony to declare independence and New Hampshire had the first people to travel to space.
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Massachusetts was found in 1628. Explorer John Cabot found Massachusetts. It was named because of the population and because it was large. A cool fact is that Massachusetts was founded in 1498 but it was made a colony in 1628.
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New York

New York was found on September 13th 1609. Peter Minuit found New York. New York was named after the Duke of York and Albany. Some cool facts are that A vessel called Crescent came to anchor within 17 miles of New York and a lot of the people settled in what is now Manhattan and they traded with Native Americans a lot.
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Rhode Island

Rhode Island was found on 1636. Roger Williams found Rhode Island. It was named after Greek Island.
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Connecticut was found on January 9, 1788 and was found by Thomas Hooker and was named after a river.
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Pennsylvania was found on March 5th 1681 and was found by William Penn and named to honor William Penn's dad.
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Delaware was found on December 7th 1787 Peter Minuit and Delaware was named after the governor of Virginia.
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Marland was found on April 29th 1788 and was found by Lord Baltimore. It was named to honor King Charles wife Henrietta Maria.
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Virginia was founded in 1607 and it was founded by John Smith and was named after Queen Elizabeth.
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North Carolina

North Carolina was found on November 21, 1789. King Charles || found North Carolina. It was named after King Charles and Carolina is a latin word and it means Cornelius and that means Charles.
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South Carolina

South Carolina was founded on 1663. King Charles found South Carolina. It was named after King Charles because the latin word for Charles is Cornelius and that means Charles.
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Georgia was found on January 2, 1788 and was found by James Oglethorpe. It was named for King George ||.
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Why did European settlers come to America?

European settlers came to America because the king at this time did not let them practice their own religion and they wanted a new clean slate.

What was colonial life like?

Colonial life was rough in some time like in the first winter it was really hard because they weren't really ready by the time winter came and a lot of them died. But when the Indians came in the summer time and helped it was amazing.

Explain one positive interaction between the Native Americans?

A positive is that they were helping each other and building together and they were giving each other advice.

Explain one negative interaction between the Native Americans?

A negative interaction is that some tribes thought that they were taking there land and they attacked. Also settlers were driving Native Americans away and they fought.