Career Exploration Class Grade 8

e Learning Lesson!!

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Lesson Objective

The objective of this lesson is to enrich our study of Coxville, Indiana ( History in our own back yard) and reinforce writing skills using the constructed response method. Reading comprehension skills are reinforced in assignment.

This is your E learning lesson provided by Mz. Chalkdust! Please watch the video and follow her instructions!

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Mz Chalkdust to 8th grade
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Instructions......... read Chauncy Rose Information

( 10 min)

We have to travel back in time nearly 200 years to a parcel of land where a young man at the young age of 23 after traveling 5 states in search of a place to conduct business. Chauncey Rose, and his associates Captain Andrew Brooks, a trader, interpreter and Indian Agent (later appointed by then Governor and future President Henry Harrison in 1822 as first sheriff) and one Moses Robbins had set their sights on the newly envisioned

“American dream”

By the spring of 1819 they had felled timbers for a grist mill (Raccoon Mills) (which was located across the street) and purchased this lot for a trading post and general store, they stocked it with just about everything one would need back then.

They built a sawmill (Roseville Sawmill) and later supplied lumber to build the Parke County Courthouse. A tannery and distillery was built and they started packing hogs which they would send to market via flat boats down the Big Raccoon creek over to the Wabash.

Roseville was a bustling little frontier town, the first courts were held here. We were complete with stage coach stop, a post office (1823), school, church, doctors office. The town was expanded in 1849 and then again in 1859.

Then about 1878 coal was discovered along with the need for consistent, reliable transportation due to boats being everywhere except where they were needed in times of low rainfall. Chauncey Rose had already realized the future was not in the canals, but in the new “technology” of the day "a railroad", Chauncey prudently invested his savings in farmland in Terre Haute and was instrumental in developing many of Indiana’s railroads. He bore the principal effort in building the Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad, Evansville, Terre Haute and Chicago Railroad, among others. A line was built and ran along the creek and just in front of the Roseville bridge.

Chauncey in the end had amassed a fortune, and was very generous with his money in Terre Haute, where his philanthropic activities were reported in an 1875 New York Times article to have exceeded $2,000,000 in currency of that day. Among his numerous benefactors were the Providence Hospital, the Free Dispensary and the Rose Orphan Asylum. He along with several friends, created the Terre Haute School of Industrial Science in 1874 to provide technical training after encountering difficulties in local engineer availability during construction of his railroads. Mr. Rose donated the land on 13th and Locust St. and the majority of the funds needed to start the new school and later named Rose Polytechnic Center.

In 1890 the town’s name was changed from Roseville to Coxville for a short period of time in honor of Mr. William Cox of the Brazil Block Coal Company who had been the lessor of extensive coal rights in the area, by 1910 the coal mines were exhausted.

Activity ONE Instructions

(45 min)

After reading the above information, answer the reading comprehension questions that were given to you in class. For the short answers, use the constructed response strategy called Yes Ma'am.

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Activity TWO Instructions

30 min

Use google and search for an image of a grist mill, tannery, and distillery. Design a poster by drawing and coloring an image for each with an explanation of how it worked. Have fun!!!! Use your colored pencils and make it attractive and informative.


Your assessment will be your reading/writing responses and your poster.

ONE MORE THING! Follow up!

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Mz Chalkdust will miss you but I know you are excited for high school. Think about all the listen/ responses we did in class,our guest speakers, and don't forget to come see me in the jr high wing. I will probably be here till the day I pass. Love you all, MZ Chalkdust!