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Epic Escape Room

What kind of Escape Rooms do they have?

Epic Escape Room has a variety of different escape rooms. Currently available, there is Super Powers - A Generation of Super-Heroes, Dinner At The Manor - You'll Be Dying to Stay, Happy Campers - You've Never Camped Like This, Red Planet - Mission To Mars, and The Quest - A Hero's Adventure. There is a different story to each escape room making it suitable for all different types of people! It's tons of fun for everyone!

Some Escape Rooms:

Why should you go & What do people think?!

The epic escape room helps you escape all your feels. The escape room is a great place to go with friends, family, even if you just had a heartbreak. If you go to the epic escape room website that is in Castle Rock,Colorado you will see that the staff is very friendly. You will also notice that the escape room is fun but challenging. The ratings for epic escape room is a 4.5/ 5. You will have the best time if you go because you can also scare you friend while you're going through the escape rooms!


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