Kinder News

Week of February 11-15, 2013

What are we Learning this week?

English/Language Arts~Letter Yy

Sight Words~up, five


Science~Day & Night

Social Studies~Stephen F. Austin

Sight Word List

Please practice daily!

a, red, I, see, my, yellow, blue, the, go, to, and, green, can, orange, you, black, am, white, on, look, is, purple, at, gray, brown, me, pink, this, zero, we, one, he, she, in, two, do, like, it, three, come, four, up, five

A few Reminders....

1. Please leave green folders in backpacks. Students have a daily independent reading time to read AR books. Please make sure you read with your child daily. Students will only be able to take AR tests on Wednesdays during our library time.

2. Please wear tennis shoes on Tuesday for track day!


We have almost finished the alphabet. We are beginning to put sounds together to create words. This is a learning process for your child, please be patient with your child during this stage. I promise you will see growth by the end of the year. Thanks for your understanding!

We need you help!

We are running low on kleenex in the classroom. If you could spare a box or two we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!

App of the Week

Every week I will be featuring an app for your iPad, iPod, Nook, Kindle, etc., to help reinforce concepts taught in class. These particular apps are apps we use on our classroom iPad's.

Pizza Fractions offers a simple, visually-based introduction to fractions for elementary school kids.