Dynasties through the years


Located in the the eastern Asian peninsula, Korea is separated from China by mountains and the Yalu River. Mountains cover 70% of Korea. T'abaeck is the best area for farming, it stretches north to south along the eastern coast. The coast is 5,400 miles long with good harbors.


There were 3 separate kingdoms.

  • Koguryo- Located in the North
  • Paekche- Located in the Southwest
  • Silla- Located in the Southeast
They were all either at war with each other or China. Silla was the most powerful defeating both kingdoms and created prosperity for its people.
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The Neolithic period, Bronze Age, and then the Iron Age were three of the first eras in Ancient Korea. During the Goryeo period, laws were created, a civil service system was introduced, and culture flourished under Buddhism influence. Later, dynasties and kings were involved in Korean society. After WWII, Korea had a provisional government. The split of North and South Korea led to two different societies: South Korea was liberalized with a prospering economy; North Korea was maintained by military rule and the economy was heavily dependent on foreign aid.

Today in North Korea, media and contact with the outside is very limited. It is led by Kim Jong Un, a dictator whom every North Korean is forced to praise. South Korea on the other hand is a constitutional republic which means they have a president and a prime minister. They are not too far off from the United States.

Korea Today

Korea technology today is just advanced as the U.S. They're wireless internet is soon to be 50 times as fast as the U.S. An issue that south Korea is facing today is that they are running out of room for housing. They are trying to keep as many trees up as possible but the only actual wilderness left in south Korea is in the mountains. South Korea has about 21 national parks in the middle of cities and towns. South Korea population is around 50.22 million and North Korea's population is around 24.9 million.

Korean War

Started on June 25, 1950. Ended on July 27, 1953 . The United Nations, led by the USA, decided to fight with South Korea in their war with North Korea. The total casualties for both sides came around 2.7 million, that is not including civilians which is around 2.4 million. The North Koreans were known as the Red Army. Propaganda was around and supported the USA and South Korea.
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