Find This Cryptid The Aswang

They are out there you just never know.


The name is aswang, bal-bal, and ang-aso and it looks like a lot of things and here are some. It looks like a werewolf, a vampire, the devil, demons, and bats but it has sharp teeth and wings and it looks just like us.


There is lots of evidence of the aswang like photos and footprints even videos like the photo of one of the aswangs in the ally and one flying even one standing on the tip of the Philippine mountains. There was one video flying across the Philippine mountains. Then there was footprints like the footprints in the wood by San Diego and the one on the Philippine mountains and the last footprints in some town.

living spots:

They live in San Diego and the Philippines and last all around California.


Its half vampire and half werewolf. One of the stories is called the "Maria Labo". Jeffery King was supposedly the first person to see a aswang. The aswang attacked many people. There was a cave full of bones and people think its a aswang cave.

My Opinion

The aswang might exist because there where lots of sightings. Some of the evidence was pretty much in one place but not all the time. Most of them are in California and most of the evidence is in California. So I think its real because I got enough information.

By: Connor NIcholas