21st Century Learning

By: Jingzhi Deng

The key facts about 21st century learning

 21st Century learning is a strategy of learning that incorporates technology and helps students to think critically, problem solve and makes it easier for student and teachers to work together. 21ST Century should be different by watching short and interesting videos at home instead learning and take notes at school. It should be different by using our technology devices in class to study. 21ST Century inquiry based learning is a new way to gain independent experience. Which means you will be doing certain task on your own or doing some research at home. This requires thinking skills because you need to take your own notes and come up with new ideas or questions. It also involves communication skills because you may need to communicate with the people in your class online.
21st Century Learning style
What can you learn from 21st century learning
21st century learning process and strategy
Communicate with people around the world. Make connections
Use your electrinic adivce to help you and others.