Cold War Time Capusle

Your Task

You will be creating a Cold war time capsule over the next few days in the computer lab.

Your assignment is as follows:

This can either be chronological (1946, 1947....) or thematic in nature. (soc, pol, econ, cultural, military) You are to brainstorm and think on what the most significant/ time altering events, people, technologies, cultural trends, music/art/movies, military events, etc. of the post war years were. If someone in the 1950s and early 60s were to leave behind items for future generations that would summarize the post WWII war years, what would they have left? The parameters of the project are 1946-1963.

You may organize the topics any way you wish. But, try to think on this… if you had to teach the Cold War to a group of Americans, what could not possibly be left out as being one of the more important characteristics/events/items of post war America.

You must include the following in your scrapbook:

v ____/ 40 points 20 pictures

v ____/ 10 points 1 song (preferably playing during show)

v ____/ 1 movie clip (EC only) (less than 2 minutes) (hyperlink)

v ____/ 50 points 20-30 topics of information that include specifics: Names, Dates, places, descriptions, effects, events, etc. Can be blurbs or bullets, but must be SIGNIFICANCE statement. IE - (ELVIS debuts as #1 chart topper for Hound Dog! Rock and Roll is here to stay)

v ____/ 30 points Color and “tone” of the scrapbook -- In other words, choose colors and fonts/pics that make it look like it was made in the 1940s and 50s. General organization and neatness factor in too.

v ____/ 20 points MLA formatted works cited page, including URL – INFO NOT NEEDED FOR PICS


v _________/ 150 points possible ________________________

You may do this as a partner project, BUT, you must get your partner approved by me first. This is to my discretion. Some people just don’t WORK well together, and this is far too large a grade to sabotage your average. ALSO, if you choose to do this in partners, then you must DOUBLE all the above requirements. (40 pics, 2 songs, 40 ‘blurbs’ of information, etc. ) You will have 3- 4 days to complete this work, and it will take the full time.

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