Human Dependence

2 Main Isues

It kills many living things.

It causes mass migration.

Negative effects on the enviroment

It can kill crops, trees, and other plant life. Also can stop shipping because of low water levels.

Does drought affect League city?

Drought has affected league city a few years ago, but it does affect our lives in league city because we have to use less water when it happened.

Does drought affect people?

Drought does affect people either killing their crops or not enoph water supply. Making it hard for them to live.

What cuases drought ?

Drought is caused by uneven patterns of precipitation around the a country making parts drier then the others.

Solutions for drought

1. Is water pumped from the ocean then treated in a facility to take out the salt and given to people.

2. Another is ground water drilling.

3. A fog catcher which is when fog rolls over a Hydrophilic butt, which creates a layer of condensation eventually making drinkable water.

My own solution for drought

Get water around the world and put it in a facility to take out the bad stuff so it can become good drinkable water and can provide for plants in the regions that have drought.
ScienceCasts: California Drought