Student's Scoop-Gierman's Class

March 15 4/5 GT class at Woodland Elementary

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Editor in Chief: Olivia Lopez

Guest writers: Bryce and Katie!

Thanks so much for writing with us!

Character day was a blast!

By: Olivia

We got to dress up as our characters, and made mini stories as our character in first person on what they were going to do during spring break, pose as our character, played games, had a fashion show, mumball, drew our character, and overall had a great time! Why, what am I talking about? Character day of course!

Pi Club!

Am Katie,

3.1415926535.. OH! Didn’t see you there! I’m just reciting pi to be in the pi club! If I can recite the first 20 digits of pi AND I ONLY GET ONE CHANCE, then I get a prize (Candy). So far the people in the pi club are:

  • Leah

  • Trevor

  • Bryce

  • Katie

Remind your child to study Pi and get a prize!


Scienecy Kahoots!

We loved that Miss G made us a suggestion box!

Some great new ideas that have made us work harder and play harder to be more engaged at school are:

1. Movement Break!! SEE PIC BELOW of us doing a conga line to the song "Walkin on Sunshine"-it is amazing how 3 quick minutes of scheduled movement gets our brains all fired up and back to work with more focus! :)

2. Talking in the morning! Sometimes in the morning we just want to catch up with friends but we need to start our day with calm and focus, so Mrs G has allowed us five min to communicate with friends every morning after writing is over.

3. Drawing break during math! We take an hour of math almost everyday, so to have a rejuvenating brain break, we take a small silent drawing break at noon!

We're enjoying our breaks so much! It helps us focus and we can work hard!

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Current Avondale GATE families,

We wanted to inform you of a few upcoming dates for those parents who are interested in running for a position in our 2019-2020 Avondale GATE Magnet School PTO.

March 12th: Woodland PTO Meeting @7pm. During this meeting, the Avondale GATE PTO "Elected Officers and their Duties" will be shared. The process for electing our PTO will also be shared.

April 9th: An Avondale GATE PTO online form will be sent out for those current Avondale GATE parents that are interested in running for a position. We ask that you complete the form that will be provided between April 9th and the next May meeting.

May 7th: Information provided from each candidate and their desired position will be shared with the Woodland community.

May 14th: Ballot elections will be held (if there are more than 1 person running for the position) during the Woodland PTO Meeting @7pm. All of the Woodland community will be able to vote for our positions.

After this meeting and elections are completed: The Avondale GATE PTO will be officially formed and stay under Woodland's guidance until the summer.


wanted to clarify a few things that have come up with Avondale Middle School starting their scheduling:

-We have our own classes that will be provided at Meadows/GATE. Please refer to the slide from our Meadows presentation below. Any class with the "GATE" after it will be provided by us.

-The ONLY classes 6th graders might go to AMS for are: Concert Band 6, French 6, and Algebra 1 (if they tested into it).

-GATE is only offering 2 tracks - the Non-Band track and the Band track. Students that are interested in doing the Band track need to complete and return the pink sheet they received earlier this week. We are not offering choir, although music will be an option at our building.

We will start our own scheduling process after spring break.

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Testing Volunteers needed!

Please consider volunteering, especially on 3/20 and 3/27 in the afternoon. I'd like to have at least 4 parent volunteers on those 2 days. This is when we have at least 40+ families coming in to test to get into the GATE program. Parent volunteers will be helping to check families in and escort the parents to the waiting area and the students to the testing rooms. Parents also help make sure that when students are done testing they find their parent.

What we did this week

By Olivia

P2: Forgiveness, SEE BELOW

Math: morning drills, workbook and chapter tests, and some students are creating math murder mysteries using algebra problems! :) small groups meet with Mrs G as well.

Writing: We are reading complex texts and analyzing them, then we write about implications/consequences, cause and effect, and sequencing! It is challenging, but these are great skills!

Reading: We continued our paired novel study!! We're analyzing very deeply!


Enrichment: Passion projects and supplemental learning.

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March is Reading Month!


It’s March! You know what that means! No? Well, I’ll tell you anyways! IT’S “MARCH IS READING MONTH!” WOOHOO! In case you don’t know what THAT means either, that means your child has to read 2½ hours every week and turn it in on Friday! If you do that, then your child receive a prize, this week is popcorn! If you turn in all popcorn pieces, then your child will be entered to a raffle to get a Barnes and Noble gift card! We also have different activities happening each Friday, for example this Friday was pajama day. You must sign your signature on a piece of paper proving your child read 2½ hours this week. If you want more information check the packet your child is provided with. Hope you can participate! :)

P2 this Week=Love of Learning

This week we will focus on the following Strength: Love of Learning.

Love of learning means that you master new skills and topics on your own or in school. Those with a love of learning are intrinsically motivated and engaged in a topic regardless of achieving an external standard. They enjoy learning simply for the sake of learning. They don’t need a prize or a high grade as a reward. Their reward is the process of doing the work and improving.

People who love learning experience positive feelings in the process of acquiring skills, building on existing knowledge, or learning something completely new. Over time, individuals with this strength may develop deep and wide knowledge. Their knowledge enables them to make significant contributions to others’ understanding.

So, why does this matter?

Developing a love of learning is highly beneficial for an individual. It means that they are intrinsically motivated to deepen their existing skills and abilities, or learn something completely new. Since intrinsically motivated action is correlated with positive emotions, those who act on their love of learning may also have enhanced mental and physical health.

Additionally, individuals who love learning have the desire and ability to overcome challenges, due to a sense of autonomy and control over their environment.On a group level, love of learning is crucial. The best leaders have an insatiable desire to learn. It’s love of learning that compelled Benjamin Franklin to fly a kite and make significant advances in electricity. It’s love of learning that led Nelson Mandela to study Afrikaans (the language of his oppressors) and read a smuggled copy of Shakespeare, while locked in Robben Prison. And it’s only by learning and experimenting that we continue to grow.

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Important News and Dates

Normal School Hours: 8:32 - 3:39 (GT dismissal 3:34)

Half Day Hours: 8:32 - 11:45 (GT dismissal around 11:40)

Early Release: 8:32-1:39 (GT dismissal around 1:34)

Late Start: 10:32-3:39

Mar. 14: Late start (2 hours late)

Mar. 28-optional conferences

Apr. 1-5: Spring Break

Apr. 8th-Oakland University Engineering field trip

April 13- Comicon 10-6pm at Avondale high school


Oakland University-engineering modules

April 8th, 2019 9am-1:45 pm

Bring disposable sack lunch & a disposable snack

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By: Olivia

LOR lunch club is coming up soon! In case you didn't hear, our class is getting a challenge to read 300 pages of a challenging lexile book, complete with 20-30 pages of detailed stop and jots. If you have this, you get to join a very cool club! On March 12 whomever joined this club will get to have lunch together, bringing lot of yummy treats. For example, if we wanted a pizza and cookies day, we can! If we wanted a mexican day with chips, salsa, tacos, be my guest! AND If you wanted a brownie and lemonade day, PLEASE help yourself! ;) It's a great way to be rewarded, and a yummy way too! So please, make sure your son/daughter is reading!

Supplementary (at home) Learning Options for Next Week

1.Ask your son or daughter about the science unit in his/her grade level and have them talk about those concepts as visible at home :)

2. Discuss the concepts in your child's new novel

3. explore the use of logos, pathos, ethos, and propaganda as you view advertisements together

4. have your student calculate discounts based on percents or think about recipes and equivalent fractions.

5. Log into Khan Academy for extra math learning

6. Continue reading challenging books at your lexile or above and add the titles and summaries to your reading log in your Slides student portfolio

Our Class Schedule

8:35-8:50: Morning Work/Welcome

8:50-9:40: Writing Workshop

5th Graders:

9:40-10:26: 5th Grade Specials

10:26-10:35: Snack (Healthy, Nut-Free)

10:35-11:30: Science/Social Studies with Ms. Martin

4th Graders:

9:40-10:35: Science/Social Studies with Ms. Gierman

10:35-11:21: 4th Grade Specials

11:21-11:30: Snack (Healthy, Nut-Free)

4th/5th Graders Return to their Teacher:

11:30-12:30: Math Workshop

12:31-12:53: Lunch

12:53-1:15: Recess

1:15-2:30: Reading Workshop

2:30-2:45: 2nd Recess

​2:45-3:30: Enrichment

  • Woodland follows an “ABC” specials schedule. Tuesday, September 4th will start with “A” day and continue from there.

  • 4th Grade students travel as a class together to specials. Their specials schedule is:

A-PE B-Music C-Art

  • 5th Grade students are split among the three regular 5th grade classes. Their specials schedule depends on the teacher they attend specials with. It may change during the year.

Phou: A-PE B-Music C-Art

(Margaret,Trevor, Katie)

Davison: A-Art B-PE C-Music

(Gabe and Brent)

McNaughton: A-Music B-Art C-PE

(Olivia and Danje)


We again have several students at Woodland that have a severe allergy to peanuts and/or tree nut product. Because of that, Woodland is a peanut and tree nut free school. Please understand that even touching a small amount of a product or accidental ingestion containing nuts could be a life-threatening situation. For these children, reactions can be immediate and life threatening. We are asking for your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment.

A no peanut or tree nut product policy means that there may not be any snacks or lunches that include contains any nut in the ingredients as well as anything that was made on shared machinery. It is OK to send snacks that say that they were made in the same facility as items containing nuts.

Birthday policy

If your child is interested in celebrating their birthday in school and you would like to send in something for the class, please do not send in food items. We suggest a small trinket, pencils, etc. instead. Thank you!

Wish List

For the student prize bin:
  • 5$ gift cards to subway, target, etc-I will raffle off 4 gift cards every month starting October-I just buy them if none are sent in

For the classroom/teacher:
  • Fiction and non-fiction Books for grade level 6-11 or lexile 800-1200 content appropriate
  • bean bag chairs
  • seat cushions


  • Don't forget to also check out the Woodland Website! It has important forms, Principal newsletters, PTO information, and P.B.I.S information.

Contact me

If you need a quick response, use text messaging. If you need a response within 24 hours, use the email provided below :)

Happy pajama day!