Forensic Scientist

By Sam Steeno Forth hour

Overview of Career

Medical doctors who study the nature causes and development they use lab equipment to analyze human tissues and fluids.This career is about solving crimes with forensic science.
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Education Needed

Good classes to take in high school are: All the core classes, calculus, chemistry, forgin language. As far as college, I would need Health Medical Propotory Programs.

Education Costs


An estimated cost for one year tuition would be $24,890. Three years is the usual time you would need in collage to be a Forensic Scientist.


housing for amount of time in college (Summer's off)= $24000

food/groceries for the amount of time I will be in college = $9600

gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college = $9600

clothing money for time at college = $3600

total tuition for total time at college with the summers off = $74,670

Financial aid, Scolarships?

Depending on what position you are in at the time you might want to get financial aid and or apply for a scholarship. Financial aid helps you pay for your time in collage, and scholarships also helps with paying for collage tuition. You can also get a full ride scholarship, which pays for your full collage tuition so you don't pay for collage.

Part time jobs

Part time jobs. You might want to get them considering what position you are in for money at the moment. But getting a part time job won't just help with the money it could also (depending on which part time job) get you a better chance with learning some skills for the career.

Pros and Cons


You sometimes get to work with the law

You get to analyze human tissue

you also get to sometimes direct a labratory.

In this career you also can make $166,400 plus per year.



if you don't like seeing blood you might get squeamish.

Also you could be bad at doing the job.

(you may add more if you wish)


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Hello there, are you looking for a new job! Well your in store! Now introducing Forensic Scientist! You will be able to analyze human tissue. Huh?! What are forensic scientists you say! Let me tell you, they are Medical doctors who study the nature causes and development they use lab equipment to analyze human tissues and fluids. Cool right? If you take this job you will be working inside most of the time, that's great for people who like the great indoors. If you want this job you need the right education. We suggest Health Medical Propitiatory Programs in collage, you would also need a degree in medicine. Once you get this job you will make a woppen 80.00 or up per hour and $166,400+ per year!