How To Fill Out A 1040EZ Form

Forms That You Need To Complete Taxes

These forms that are required for you to complete your taxes is a Tax Return. A Tax Return is a document you must complete with the government showing how much income you earned in a year. You have a choice of filling out the 1040, 1040A, or the 1040EZ.

Where And How Do You Get Them ?

-On the Internet. You can get IRS forms and instructions quickly and easily by visiting the IRS.gov website 24 hours a day 7 days a week

-By Telephone. Call 1-800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676)

-In IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

-In Your Community. Many libraries and post offices offer free tax forms during the tax filing season.

Most Recent Due Date Of Tax Returns

October 17, 2016, Federal Tax Return

Step 1 Of Filling Out The Tax Return

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Every form always has a simple first step which is the introduction. This is the time when Uncle Sam would like to know who you are. So simply fill in your personal data (name and address, including the state and the zip code, as well as your social security number, to the far right).

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Step 2

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This is the income declaration section. You have to tell the government how much money you made from salaries, wages and tips (on Line 1), interest (bank accounts, for example, on Line 2), unemployment payments and, just for Alaska residents (which is irrelevant), permanent fund dividends (on Line 3).

Line 4 is just the sum of the first 3 lines and defines your adjusted gross income. Line 5 is the place where you have to say if someone is financially responsible for you. If you are not being dependent on someone and you are single, you enter $10,300. If you file together with your spouse, you enter $20,600. The last thing to do in this section is to subtract Line 4 from Line 5. If the amount on Line 5 is greater than Line 4, just write zero.

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Step 3

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On Line 7, enter the income tax withheld at the federal level. Line 8 is where you insert any work pay credit, and Line 9 is for you to file your earned income credit. Go on to Line 9. Add up Lines 7 and 8a and you’ll get your total payments and credits. Next on to Line 10, you have to calculate your tax

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Step 4

If the amount on Line 9 is greater than the amount on Line 12, it means you paid too much tax and will get a refund. Calculate your refund and write it down on Line 13a. If you'd like enter your bank account details on Line 13b, c, and d, to make sure you get that money as quickly as possible. If the amount on Line 12 is greater than the amount on Line 9, it means you owe Uncle Sam some money. Now you have to enter the respective amount on Line 13a.

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This part is where you allow somebody else to discuss your return with the government. You have to fill in their name, phone number, and personal identification number. All you have to do is sign the document, date it, and include your occupation and phone number.

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You're all set and ready to ship out the envelope !