The brave hero of greek mythology

Thesis statement

In Joel Skidmore’s http://www.mythweb.com/, Hercules is the most significant hero in Greek Mythology that demonstrated someone who was adventurous and courageous.


Hercules defeated creatures throughout his labors. Defeating these creatures allowed him to save lives and allow people to live safely. He went through 12 labors, all but two, The Augean Stables and Hippolyte's Belt, dealt with killing a creature that was known for being extraordinarily dangerous.

Other Labors


For example, Hercules killed the Hydra, a creature with nine almost immortal heads, in his 2nd labor.


“He sought out the monster in its lair and brought it out into the open with flaming arrows. But now the fight went in the Hydra's favor. It twined its many heads around the hero and tried to trip him up” (http://www.mythweb.com/hercules/herc17.html).


This was one of many battles that Hercules fought. He had to be brave, or courageous to do what he has done, especially considering he is not immortal. He had to be adventurous. He had to be willing to risk his life. These creatures that he killed or defeated were a threat and although he was forced to do these 12 labors as a punishment, he ended up becoming a hero rather than remaining a villain.


Granted, Hercules did do terrible things. He killed his children in a frenzy driven mad by Hera, but he still became a hero that potentially saved many. Hercules is still a known figure for being strong and powerful and should remain in the future.

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