Paws to Read

By Tyler J.

About me

If you know me you would know that I like to read. I don't read that fast. So that means that I don't read a lot of books. But when I read I enjoy almost all of the books.

Me As A Reader

1) I usually fold the page when i am done reading.

2) I usually read on a iPad.

3) I usually Eat when I am reading.

4) It takes me a long time to read a book.

5) I don't like most of the books II read.

6) I like series

7) I like Tim Green books.

8) I like Gary Paulsen.

9) I usually talk when im reading.

10) I Love nature and sport's Books.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Despicable Me 2 - Lyric Video)

Why I Chose this Song

I chose the song Happy, because when I read im Happy. This song really expresses myself when im reading books. Im also when I finish a book. Im really happy when I read a book when I read a book that I really like.
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Sites for Finding books

Site one

Site Two

These are good sites because they have a very big verity of books.

Book Request

Over the last month I have read about 3 books but my favorite was The River. The river is a great book if you like books about wildlife.$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:24002/ada?qu=The+River&lm=PSMSLIB