Draving's Digest

Important Information from Our Class!

The Countdown has begun

I can not believe that we are 31 school days away from the end of the school year! When I reflect back on September I am in awe of how far each of my students have grown both academically, socially, and personally! We have so much learning left to do, I am so proud of each and every one of them. Thank You for sharing your most precious possession with me!

Final Units of Study

We have begun our final units of study for Math, Reading, and Writing.

In math we have begun our study of fractions. Students will be exploring how to identify, compare, and manipulate fractions. They will be using fractions on a numberline, in an area model, and in measurement. Tenmarks.com has been updated with many fraction activities. Please explore it with your child.

in reading we will be focusing on retelling and summarizing fiction text as well as looking at poetry. Please, have your child spend time reading aloud to you and talking to you about the books they are reading. Ask them questions about the story to get them thinking!

In writing we have begun a unit on persuasive/opinion writing. Your child will be selecting a topic/problem and writing to persuade the reader to agree with their opinion, or to get a desired result.

In science we are wrapping up our Earth Materials unit and moving back to Social Studies to look at the history of Michigan. I am hoping to use this unit to allow students to select a presentation method to share information about Michigan's history with the rest of the class. More details to follow!

Year End Assessments

Thank you for the support you have provided to your child as they begin the M-Step mandated assessment. We have 2 more days, Tuesday, May 3rd and Wednesday, May 4th. Both will focus on math skills. As we enter May there will also be a variety of district assessments to allow us to track growth and achievement. We haven't stopped teaching and learning, but do have to make time for these assessments as well.

Thank You

A special thank you to all that were able to come and read during March is Reading Month! Our students loved the special visitors and learned a lot about the importance of reading, writing, and math in the daily lives of many professions.

Thank you also to all of the volunteers, whether it be in the classroom, during special events, or with the PTO, we couldn't do it without you!

Math Facts

Please continue to help your child master not only their multiplication facts, but addition and subtraction as well. This is an essential skill that takes a long time to reach, but is so necessary not only for your child's school career, but is also a necessary life long skill. Don't stop when summer comes, please keep practicing!

New Online Book Program

The Independence Township Library has provided the Clarkston School District access to a wonderful online reading resource called Tumblebook. It offers a wide range of books from picture books, to informational books, to chapter books by award winning authors. Some can be read aloud to the listener, others are set up as an e-reader.

The website is Tumblebooks.com when asked for a username you will enter independence, the password is CCSD.



If you haven't heard, we have hatched chicks in our classroom! We were fortunate enough to have 5 Jubilee Orpington and 2 Coronation Sussex hatch. They will spend about 2 weeks with us before going to their forever home at Mrs. Lomazov's sister's farm. What I love about this special project is providing the opportunity for children to see the life cycle process live and up close; not to mention being able to see where some of our food truly comes from.