Mother of the Year

Not as easy as it seems

Mothers Everywhere

Being a mum is not as easy as people make it look. Yet when you ask us, "Is it easy? What's it like?" its hard to answer. Its like asking a fish, "What's it like to have scales?" Normal right? Its just something that we adapted into and it became normal, life before a child is no longer a thing and is soon forgotten. First time mothers average at the age of 25. Today, 72% of moms with children over 1 year old work, its about the same for women without children. Even through all the smiles and giggles, there are struggles. There's sleepless nights, late nights, pushing through sickness, skipped meals, and really tight schedules. Did you know that mothers take 2 minutes and five seconds to change a diaper while dads take 1 minute and 36 seconds to change a diaper? They also spend 2.7 hours on primary childcare for preschoolers while dads spend about half of that time. This just goes to show that mothers are more attentive and perfectionist.
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"Welcome to the Lego Store, whether you like it or not"

-Greetings from the Lego Store

My Tale to Tell

I never had any complications with the pregnancy (life threatening complications). Even at 14, people were shocked, ashamed, hurtful, and sometimes supportive. My mother wasn't shocked, disappointed slightly, but then she was proud. She still is. When I got the confidence to tell my father that I was pregnant, he soon shot me down. He told me it was shameful, that I was a disappointment, and it was embarrassing to tell his coworkers/friends that his youngest daughter was pregnant. I get jealous when I see all these people having great, wonderful and happy pregnancies and taking all these cute photos of their belly bumps or their children because I never got that. I was never the center of attention. I was never loved from the people I expected the most love from (except my mum). It all worked out in the end so it doesn't matter, but either way, I love my son and there isn't a thing that could change that. I still work had for him to have better days.
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But Through it All...

Even with all the mess and stumble, we love our children in a way that no human can understand. No matter what our children do, we still love them endlessly, and they love you back. Its always nice to know that no matter what goes on in your life (away from your kids) they'll always be there to love you and make sure that you are okay because they know when you're hurting and when you're upset.