Remote Learning

March 16, 2020


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Remote Learning

March 16, 2020

Dear BHS Families and Students,

With the announcement that Bellingham Public Schools will be closed until April 6, 2020, I want to take this opportunity to explain our plans for remote learning.

During the next three weeks, teachers will be shifting their instruction from the physical classroom to Google Classroom. Last week during our professional development time, we were able to give teachers time to set up Google Classroom for each of their courses and begin planning in case schools needed to or were directed to close.

Before I outline the remote learning plan (below), please note a few basics that will remain true throughout this process:

  1. The situation is changing rapidly and plans may change throughout this three week period. We will communicate frequently to keep our community informed.

  2. We know that none of our emails or documents can answer all questions. Students and parents can email teachers as usual. Parents can email teachers, counselors, department chairs and administrators as needed. We will all work even more diligently during this unusual time to be available and helpful.

  3. There are likely to be answers or situations that will be frustrating. For all of us. Two-way patience is essential. Let’s all work together to get to the best possible (not perfectly optimal) solutions for our students.

  4. If students or families need direction/support they can call the school (508) 966-3761. As of right now, we will be staffing the main office in order to answer phone calls and help families and students. We may not have an answer immediately, but we will work to find an answer for you.

Remote Learning Plan

At BHS, teachers have created a Google Classroom for each class. All work will be distributed and submitted through Google Classroom. All teachers will have Classrooms, even those who have not previously used this platform.

  1. Students must check their school email accounts daily.

  2. Students must check each of their Google Classrooms daily. They will need to complete school work each day and follow their teacher’s instructions.

  3. Students must turn on notifications for each of their Google Classrooms. (Parents note - many students turn these off. Please double-check that these are back on.)

Distance Learning Plan Guidelines

  • Teachers will be posting daily assignments.

  • Long term assignments that were assigned last week, can still be turned in via Google Classroom the week of our closure. Students/Parents will need to communicate directly with the teacher if there is an extenuating circumstance as to why the assignment cannot be turned in on time.

  • Assignments have a deadline for submission. Students will be responsible for meeting those deadlines.

  • Assignments for all classes will be approximately 30 minutes per day. These assignments may be long term projects so long as they average out to roughly 30 minutes per day for time on task. AP course assignments may involve more time (approximately 45 minutes per day). These are all rough guidelines; we know that students work at different paces.

  • Teacher's will consider a student's needs and strive to meet them while teaching online. This may include changes to how work is completed. If a student is having difficulty completing an assignment, open communication with the teacher is key.

  • Special Education teachers will also be working closely with classroom teachers to monitor students' work. Additionally, they will reach out to students to offer academic assistance.

  • If a student has an issue (is sick, has an emergency, technical challenges), the student should communicate directly with his or her teacher in a timely manner.

  • If students do not participate for a few days without communication to the school, Teachers will be communicating with students via school email. Please encourage your student to check his/her email many times throughout the school day.

School Access

Currently, Bellingham High School campus is closed to students. I know some families/students have already expressed a desire to get into the building - as of right now that is not an option (the only exception is music instruments as they have a protocol in place). I will reach back out to families if that were to change.

We have directed the students to create assignments and lessons that do not require the students to access materials they might not have with them.

Internet Access

Any family without reliable internet access should contact the school as soon as possible: (508) 966-3761.

Xfinity is offering 60 days free “Internet Essentials” here. We do not know the details right now but this may be another resource for anyone struggling with reliable access.


All BHS athletics are canceled until April 6th. This includes all captain’s practices, practices and tryouts.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We feel very confident that we can continue to support the education and well-being of our students during this difficult time.

Music Information

Distance Learning, Instrument Pick-Up and Canceled Event Information

All Town Band Concert - canceled

MICCA Band, Orchestra and Choir Festival - canceled

BFOM Mattress Sale Fundraiser - postponed

BHS Band & Guard Performance at Fenway Park, April 22nd - no official decision yet

School Events

Parent / Teacher Conference - Canceled no makeup date scheduled yet

Guest Speaker, David Flood rescheduled to June 2

Senior Disney Trip - Canceled

Washington DC Trip - Postponed to Fall 2020 (exact date TBD)

MCAS Testing - Still planned as scheduled, waiting for guidance from DESE

Talent Show - Postponed new date TBD

What Parents can do to support distance learning

  • Set-up a schedule for your student to spread out schoolwork over the course of the day.

  • Provide a quiet and distraction-free space for students to work

  • Encourage your student to take breaks between subject areas.

  • Encourage your student to stay on top of daily work and create a daily routine

  • Encourage your student to email the teacher if they need help or additional instructions.

Stay Well,

Megan Lafayette