by Gary Paulsen


The genre of the text is historical fiction. I know this because it says it is in the frontier in the 1800 hundreds and the character could not have existed because there is no proof.

personal connection

My text to self connection is I have rode a horse before. In the text Francis rides a horse named Footloose. I have rode a horse named flash (actually he is not very fast).

Charactor traits

style comparison

Mr.tucket and Woodsrunner

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this might be a little gross

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Buffalo chip


Dried up pile of buffalo poop.

Francis shot at a buffalo chip in the distance and blown it to bits.

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A soft leather shoe with no heal but has a sole.

WOW! These moccasins are comfy.

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A unfinished skin with its hair,wool or fur.

Francis helped Mr.Grimes with the beaver pelts.

Plot diagram

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Beaver pelts

Back in the 1800 hundreds, people wore beaver pelt coats all the time fore warmth and fashion. These coats were uncommon in some places but some people like them.

A beaver pelt is the fur or skin of a beaver that they use to keep them self`s warm. After time passes there pelt starts to get thinner for spring and summer because it will be warmer. After that it starts to grows thicker to be ready for winter and fall.

During the 1800 hundreds, hunters trap beavers for their pelts so they can be made into a coat, boots, hat, scarf or any other piece of clothing. Hunting and trapping was a famous sport for mountain men or anybody else.

At this time Indians traded pelts all the time because they thought it was very useful in all ways.


Francis wanted to shoot his gun but he got trapped by Indians so a man helps him escape then Francis leaves the man behind.


Page: 166

Text evidence: Francis slapped the horse as hard as he could and headed for the wagon train.

Back round knowledge: I know that Francis wanted to go back to his parents from the start of the book.

Inference: I infer he is thinking he is destined to find his parents.

Page 129

Text evidence: "HEEAH" Francis screamed, and at the same moment Francis fired his rifle at the indian who tried to kill him.

Back round knowledge: I know that Francis is only 14 so he could be scared because he was almost killed.

Inference: I infer Francis will try to fight or flee.

Readers responce

If a fifth grader not in my class asked me to tell him about Gary Paulsen I would say Gary Paulsen is adventurous. I say this because he had written many books about adventure such as Mr.Tucket, Woods runner and many more! It seems he loves to write about a character that is determined to do something or survive the wild. I know this because I have read some of his books and none of them have to with anything inside. In conclusion I have told you about Gary Paulsen and have given you reasons why he is the way I think he is.