Keep Calm and Carry On

Technology Memo from your Tech Team

Good Luck Bill!

As we say, “Farewell” to Bill Vader, there are many questions that staff have regarding our technology needs. Bill has been invaluable to all of us and we know things will not be the same without him, but the technology team is willing to help out as best we can. We will “Keep Calm and Carry-On”.

Things to consider:

  • Keep “Plan B” in mind when you are planning lessons that involve technology. Remember...we are experts at adapting and improvising.
  • We will refer to Lee Stewart for technology issues that need to be handled.
  • Lee Stewart will be on vacation February 6th-16.
  • Resetting passwords and program difficulties can be addressed through the following people; Google Apps-Kristi Bulfer, SharpSchool (school website)-Jessica Schmidt and Michelle Traetow, SmartBoard and Ipad information-Michele Baker, PD360-Heidi Schlomann, entering new students into IXL and Education City-Mary Cole.
  • Tech coaches will be maintaining “office hours” on Thursday’s 3:15-4:00. Contact them to arrange time if you would like assistance on technology issues or just time to work 1-1 with us or in small groups.
  • Please continue to utilize the “Technology Request Form” for technology needs.

Tech Team Members:

Michele Baker

Kristi Bulfer

Jessica Schmidt

Michelle Traetow

Bill Vader