Leo Beer, Sriracha & Burger Fest

Large scale food festival featuring Leo Beer

Foreigners Love Burgers & They Love Chili Sauce

To help introduce Leo into the market, best to do a medium sized food festival that features food items that expats and tourists love -- Burgers.

In addition, because of the largely foreign interest in sriracha, it helps tie in Thailand to the festival with different chili sauce vendors.

Leo Beer Sriracha Chili Sauce & Bangkok's Best Burgers Festival

Festival to Feature

  • Burger Chef Driven
  • Leo Beer / Leo Beer cocktails
  • Live DJ
  • Leo Leopard Babes
  • Burgers Galore
  • Dessert Dishes
  • Sriracha Dishes
  • Other Thai specials -- coffee, for example
  • 1 day; 12noon-6pm
  • Held in Backyard of Namsaah Bottling Trust
  • Ticket Sales