Weaving straw with silk or thread

by Autum Davis 6b

Mary Dixon Kies

Mary was not the first women to Invention to weaving straw with silk or thread.

What year did it started and the timeline of it

The year was 1809, when Mary Kies first invention weaving straw with silk or thread.

The timeline to it was 1809 to now

Important things from it?

  1. Its the 204th anniversary for it
  2. She used silk thread instead of another piece of straw to hold the cross hatching together
  3. The U.S. government started to halt importation of European goods (including hats)

How did invention improve society? What would life be like without this invention?

Yes, because the society did improved the weaving straw with silk or thread

The life without it, the hats that she made it would be different from it.

Is it still around?

Yes and no, because some places stopped making it and some places are still making it