How to confidently deal with a difficult ex-spouse

Do you ever feel like ...

  • There is constant conflict in your relationship because of the ex spouse?
  • Do you feel like your partners ex-spouse oversteps the emotional or physical boundaries in your relationship?
  • Do you get jealous when your spouse and his/her Ex have to do certain activities together because of the kids?
  • Do you think you would have a better relationship you just didn't have to deal with "the ex"
  • Does your ex badmouth you or your partner in front of the kids? or undermine your role?


Dealing with an ex-spouse is one of the biggest challenges and sources of conflict in step-family life. However it is possible to overcome these challenges. Join Step-family Coach Wendy Malinda for a candid discussion that will help you
  • Get clarity on the ex-spouse challenges and the effects on you and your step-family
  • Get tips and methods of how to deal with a difficult ex-spouse
  • Get over the fear of the Ex and confidently confront everyday challenges

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