Go West Project

By Estevan Barron

What does it mean to be a american as pioneer during the westward expansion?

To be a american pioneer you would have to be self sufficient.You would have know how to hunt,grow foods and build.


To be a pioneer you would have to know how to hunt because this would help your family survive.Pioneers usually hunt deer,buffalo and fox.They hunted both for food and for clothing.

Lewis and clark dated Thursday, November 14,1805 ¨if we have cold weather we can kill and dress skins for clothing the bulk of the party¨

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Growing food

To be a american pioneer you would have to know to grow foods.They grew fruits,vegetables, and grains.
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To be a american pioneer you would have to know how buld.The pioneers had a axe to cut down logs and saplings to build their homes.Their homes were small and very basic.

¨I could see right threw the chinks between the logs, and a cold draft blew at me¨ (Weasel Pg.49)

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Horace Greely his letter to the New York Tribune dated Nov 15, 1871 States ¨Can you chop? can you plow? can you cut up Indian corn? I reckon not. And in the West it is hard to find such work as you have been accustomed to.¨

Pioneers had hog.chicken.and cows and sometimes sheep or goats.During the warm months pioneers drank milk and they used buttermilk to make biscuits.Most pioneer men worked in the fields to take care of the animals.

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Pioneer women and girls wore long long dresses made of wool.Pioneer children had several types of clothing and various accessories that went with them.They had their sleeping clothes and their work clothes.They often needed to make their own clothes.

¨For you can knit and sew,my loves,while we do reap and and mow¨ (The lovely Ohio)

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