Concentration camps.

Taylor Baugh 7

background information about the camps.

The first camp was made in March 1933. By the end of World War 2 there were more than 40000 camps. All the camps were from Spanish borders to North Africa. The prisoners were mainly Jews, but some were arrested for other reasons like ethical and political affiliation. The people in the camp, even kids, were put into hard manual labor.


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The camps themselves.

When people walked into Camp Auschwitz, they saw clothes, bails of peoples hair, and dead bodies everywhere. The bodies covered the grounds everywhere. 7000 Jewish,and other religions exhausted ad starved barely clinging to life. This killed 5 million non Jews and 6 million Jews. They were starved in fences off ghettos and death camps. The people have to wake up at 4:00 am. At breakfast time, to eat, you have to have a mess-tin can. I f you dint have the can you didn't get food. They would get 10 ounces of bread, and "coffee".The coffee has no taste, no sugar,and no milk. That is the only solid food they would receive all day. They would even but the bread in mud for "fun".For dinner they only serve "soup" which you also get at lunch. The concentration camps were 40 square kilos. There were a radius of around 5 kilos of isolation. There camp was 28 story building. They were divided into three sections: Auschwitz 1,Auschwitz 2, and Auschwitz 3. People told that in camps work brings you freedom, but it only brought false hope. The peoples only choices were slave or death.So,many people perished in these camps.

In conclusion...

Unfortunately, these camps were the end for many people. These camps were just made for punishment for many religious people. As written in this paper these camps killed so many people in this time period.


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