Conifer Forests

By : DeAnna Coleman

Little Bit About Conifer Forests

Temperate coniferous forest is a terrestrial biome found in temperate regions of the world with warm summers and cool winters and adequate rainfall to sustain a forest.

Where Dey At Tho ?

  1. The Earth's large forests of conifers extend mostly over the Northern Hemisphere, across North America, Europe and Asia. Coniferous forests are located south of the Tundra, but north of the Temperate Deciduous forests and Temperate Grasslands.

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The Forest The Forest The Forest On Fire .!

Conifer Forest Are Being Destroyed Which Is Why They Are Rare.

It Will Rain Just Not A lot

Conifer Forest Have A LOW Precipitation ,

300mm To About 635mm *

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More Little Facts .

Average Annual Rainfall- 14-29.5 in.

Average Temperatures in the Summer- 57.2°F

Average Temperatures in the Winter- 14°F

The Coniferous Forest is a forest of Conifers (too much to handle, isn't it?). A Conifer is a tree that produces its seeds in cones. The Pine tree is the most common example. Conifer leaves conserve water with the thick, waxy layer that covers their leaves, also known as needles. The vegitation in the Coniferous forest is small in size, but large enough to feed the vast herbivore population. Most of these animals survive the brutal winters by migrating or hibernating.


Many softwood tress such as fir , pine , spruce , hemlock


most animals are herbivores, however some carnivores and omnivores are thrown in. Animals in coniferous forest include the red fox, moose, snowshoe hare,great horned owl, and crossbill

Fun Facts

  1. The Largest Coniferous forest exists in a ring in Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe and Asia in a ring in the northern hemisphere. The forest is called "Taiga"
  2. he coniferous forest was named after the conifer tree that produces seeds and cones.
  3. Most great horned owls are brown or white to blend into the trees

  4. The main source of food in the coniferous forest is the seeds produced by the conifer trees

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In Conclusion

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