News from Room 15

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Writer's Notebook Challenge--Family Participation Encouraged!

It is November. I cannot believe it. Where has the time gone!? All of a sudden the school year is well under way and the students are maturing from summer fourth graders to fifth graders who understand and can meet the expectations of a new (now familiar!) grade level.

Our November Writer's Notebook Challenge gives students a chance to step back and reflect on what they are grateful for in those who support them at home: you! As part of the challenge, they will be planning and writing thank you notes to their family which will be displayed in the hallway for conferences.

The challenge does have a family component as well: I would like to invite you to write a note back to your student, so that they also know what you are grateful for in them.

The assignment is designed to be brief--each note is limited to half a page. The primary goal is to give all of us a chance to step back and share our gratitudes. A secondary goal is to teach friendly letter formatting and comma formats for dates, greetings, and closings.

I hope you all will join us in this special project, which will become a part of each student's notebook after conferences.

Volunteers Wanted!

I am looking for volunteers for a "publishing party" and Reading Celebration that I am planning either before or after Thanksgiving, depending on availability. For both, I am hoping to find volunteers to facilitate small-group sharing. During the publishing party, students will be reading their pieces to each other and working on giving specific compliments to the author. During the reading celebration, students will be sharing the books they have read during the first marking period and adding to their personal reading lists.

Please let me know if you are interested/available for either of these events. Both will take place in the afternoon. Any support will be greatly appreciated and will help enrich the experience for the students!

Grammar Test on Friday

Students will take a grammar test on Friday. It will include the following skills:

  • Writing and identifying types of sentences (declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory).
  • Dividing passages into paragraphs.
  • Punctuating dialogue
  • Proper Nouns
  • Commas in dates and between a city and state

Math Quiz This Friday

In math, we are very close to finishing Unit 3. Skills evaluated on Friday's quiz will include:

  • measuring angles
  • drawing angles
  • identifying angles as acute, obtuse, straight, right, or reflex
  • identifying and drawing equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles
  • identifying congruent shapes
  • identifying and drawing conclusions about adjacent and vertical (opposite) angles
  • Review skill: place value to from the hundred millions to the thousandths and rounding to specified place values.

Online vocabulary study aids are accessible in the assignment section of our website.