DWE Weekly Bulletin

Friday, September 25, 2015

A word from Kris.....

Last week, I talked about blooming and these are the pictures that go with the story. (I never could get my editing right last week...) But here is the REST of the story...when I went out to the night blooming cereus plant last night - there are about 9 blooms that I think are going to happen at the same time. I can hardly imagine how beautiful the plant will be... Again, I am reminded how I was about to give up on this plant. I was ready to take it to the trash because I feared that I was killing my mother's family heirloom plant. This takes me to my career... how many times have a felt like I wasn't making a difference as an educator - only to find out years later that something that I said to the child was a game changer for them...? How many times have a wondered if the stress of serving as a _________ (fill in the blank of any position in the school) isn't worth it? Then I think about how many students blossom beyond what any of us could have dreamed because they were taken care of...

On the days when you think that you can't take it - I want you to stop and give some nurturing to someone around you. Maybe it is a thankful note (on a thankful Thursday of course...) or maybe it is listening to someone's story for a moment longer. We will never know which children we played an integral part in blooming... but I am grateful every day that I have a career where we are helping others to bloom!

I flew to Baltimore today to my niece, Sarah's wedding... I am going to be disconnected from my school email until I get on the plane Sunday. I cannot ask you to take care of yourself if I do not model the same thing. For me, I am going to celebrate Sarah & Seth till Sunday! I am excited about the event on the Chesapeake Bay and it should be GORGEOUS weather!!!

Thanks again for helping our students to bloom!

Upcoming for the week of 9/28-10/2

Tina for announcements; Blue week in the library; Wear Your Colors Week; F&P Testing 9/8-10/30; ISIP Window 10/1 - 10/16; mClass Window 10/1 - 10/30 K & 1st

Monday, 9/28 - Rotation Day 6; Challenge Wear Red for Wear Your Colors; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Lego Club 3:45pm; Team Leader Meeting 4pm

Tuesday, 9/29 - Rotation Day 1; Academic Collaboration - Kinder; Challenge; Wear Green for Wear Your Colors; Sacred Planning; Leadership Team for Kris 8am-2:30pm; Love & Logic Training @ FE 9-10:30am; No School Store this week; ASD - Nichols; No Tuesday Topic

Wednesday, 9/30 - Rotation Day 2; Academic Collaboration - 5th; Sacred Planning; Wear Blue or Purple for Wear Your Colors; Holy Convenant Volunteer Work Day 9:30-11:15am; IC Meeting 12pm; Drama Club 3:45pm; ASD - Phillips (Richter)

Thursday, 10/1 - Rotation Day 3; Academic Collaboration - 4th; Wear Orange or yellow for Wear Your Colors; Off Campus meeting for Kris 1-3pm; ASD - Brown; CATCH Night 5:30-7pm

Friday, 10/2 - Rotation Day 0; Volunteer Orientation 8:45am; Get Fit With Toro for all grades 9-10am; Early Dismissal Day for Parent Conferences

“Wear Your Colors, Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables”

Join the CATCH Team as we blast off for success powered by healthy and “Wearing Your Colors”. Each day of the week will be assigned a color corresponding to different color groups of fruits and vegetables. Students and staff members wear shirts matching the assigned color of the day. Individuals wearing their colors will be given a SOAR ticket during Specials classes. “Wear Your Colors” will be introduced to students during Physical Education classes September 23rd and 24th.

The schedule will be in the Eagle Eye 9/23 and posted throughout the building.

Monday (9/28) – RED shirts – think apples, strawberries, peppers, oranges

Tuesday (9/29) – GREEN shirts – think kiwi, grapes, broccoli

Wednesday (9/30) – BLUE or PURPLE shirts – think blueberries, eggplant, plums

Thursday (10/1) – Orange or Yellow shirts – think oranges, squash, peppers, pumpkins

Friday (10/2) – DWE spirit shirt!

Winborn Eagles are blasting off powered by healthy fruits and vegetables!

Thank you for supporting this event. We hope it provides teaching and enrichment opportunities for you and your students.

DWE CATCH Team (Dawn Gray, Litisha Brown, Debbie Nichols, Adrian Luna, and Debbie Welsh)

Contact Debbie Welsh if you have questions.

CATCH - Coordinated Approach To Child Health

Upcoming for the week of 10/5-10/9

Kris for Announcements; Gold Week in the Library; F&P Testing 9/8-10/30; ISIP Window 10/1 - 10/16; mClass Window 10/1 - 10/30 K & 1st; 5th Gr. Math DLA 10/5-10/9

Monday, 10/5 - Rotation Day 4; Challenge; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Lego Club 3:45pm in library; New Teacher Meeting 4pm in IC office

Tuesday, 10/6 - Rotation Day 5; Academic Collaboration - 3rd; Challenge; Sacred Planning; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Love & Logic Parent Training @ FE 9-10:30am; AP Meeting 9:30am; School Store during lunches; Eagle Drummers Rehearsal for performance 3:45-4:45pm; ASD - Babcock; PBIS Committee Meeting in T10 4pm; Eagle Drummers performance at Williamsburg Settlement Subdivision Clubhouse 7pm

Wednesday, 10/7 - Rotation Day 6;Academic Collaboration - 2nd; Sacred Planning; Fundraiser orders are due; Employee Roundtable for Moebes 2:30pm; Drama Club 7:15am; ASD - Keeton (McPherson)

Thursday, 10/8 - Rotation Day 1; Academic Collaboration - 1st; Faculty meeting 4pm in café; No ASD

Friday, 10/9 - Rotation Day 2; 2nd Grade Planning Day Math/Science; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am

Birthday Treat Reminder!

Just a reminder that birthday treats are served in the cafeteria during the last 10 minutes of the student's lunch time when the parent has brought cupcakes or cookies for the class. If you have parents asking, please let them know .

Reminder - October 12th is a Professional Development Day!

Who Handles What at DWE

The google doc below is a list of particular items that come up frequently and show who to go to for help.


Thank you

AImee Krauss for organizing and leading our first Lego Club which begins next Monday, September 28th.

Paula Wagner for helping out at Crossing Guard.

Lauren Martinez, Erika Johnson, Lori Mikosh, Aimee Krauss, Nela Montoya and Sue Crozier for keeping our cafeteria running smoothly during lunches for all grade levels.

Andee Casarez, Kay Elliott, Lori Irwin, Melinda Griffin, Kathy Moebes and Derek Sanders for the wonderful Staff Birthday Celebration for August and September birthdays.

Kinder, first & second grade teams for being flexible with your planning rooms and allowing our Katy ISD staff members to come in and test and work with students during the school day. Our school has limited space and we have to utilize any space we have and your willingness to share your space is appreciated!

Debby Herrera, Rosemary Teague, Denise Parisher, Kathy Moebes, Debbie Nichols, Marianne Wise, April Crump, Tina Seaman and Stefanie Rodriguez for volunteering to join our Campus Advisory Team for this school year!