African health/ Disease

10 Facts about elaphantiasis

  • skin hardens as a result of swelling
  • occurs as a reaction to certain soil types
  • 2 types: filarial and non filarial
  • filarial- when a worm enters the Lymphatic system
  • filarial makes up 90% of elephantiasis cases
  • this worm is carried by mosquitos
  • worm is 1-4 in
  • Worms give off toxins that dilate the lymphatic vessels
  • a lot of fluids accumulate
  • inflammation of lymph nodes

More Information

What region of Africa it's prevalent in ?

  • All regions
  • Is the region of Africa typically rich/poor, urban/rural ?
  • Poor / rural
  • what role does poverty play in this disease ?
  • They don't have access to mosquito nets.
  • Is the disease curable?
  • Yes, it is curable the bacteria and worms that cause elephantiasis can be completely killed completely killed by taking DEC tablets for a long period of time.
  • How it's impacting Africa ?
  • 40 million Africans have this disease
  • Is it a major or minor disease there?
  • This is a major disease because it disables people so they would no longer be able to work which is extremely important in common African lifestyles
  • What can Africa do to limit this disease?
  • access to mosquito nets can limit this disease