I Want to be a 3D Designer


What is a 3D designer

A 3D designer creates images on a computer based off of hand drawn sketches, blueprints that is then recreated into graphic computer files.

Who Needs The Service of a 3D designer

There is a variety of companies that need my assistants in this field. Some of them being doctors, transportation engineers, NASA, and architects.

Why would Someone Want to be a 3D designer

Someone would want to pursue this career because you can create video games and cartoons.
CGI 3D Clothes Making Demo HD: Using "Marvelous Designer 2"

What Type of Education is Needed?

You will need a bachelors degree of science and fine arts.

How to look into the life of a 3D Designer

If you want you can look up a video on YouTube to figure out the essentials of this craft.


they make 25,000 to 100,000$ a year