The Frontier

September 22, 2023

Important Dates

Tuesday, October 3 - Picture Retake Day

Monday, October 9 - No School

Thursday, October 12 - PSAT 8/9 (8th grade only)

Thursday, October 12 (7:00-8:30 PM) - PTA Meeting

Monday, October 16 - Final day to submit immunizations and physicals to the nurse

A Note from Mrs. Mitchell...

Today is the first day of fall, which means it's officially pumpkin spiced latte season! If you've already been enjoying this Starbucks favorite for the past 30 days, you've probably been unfairly judged by your peers. However, you will receive zero judgement from me because I also believe it's perfectly acceptable to bust out the Christmas tree on November 1.

Happy Fall!

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Pioneers Riding Together!

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Parent Information

Parent Feedback Request

We are very interested in hearing your feedback about how to best communicate and engage with our families! Based on the suggestions we've received so far, we're already making some changes to the Frontier.

We would be very grateful if you took a few minutes to complete the survey!

PoP Fundraiser!

We are excited that our school fundraiser is underway! We need your help to raise money for extracurricular learning activities and for a chance for your child to participate in the Day of Awesomeness!

Students who already set up a donation page and submitted 10 contacts received their prizes during lunch periods today; however, we were not able to get all of the 6th grade prizes distributed. Students who did not receive their prize today, will receive it on Monday.

Students who were not able to register and get their contacts in by today will be given a second chance by following these directions by Monday:

  1. Set up a personal donation page using the link below:
  2. Enter 10 or more email addresses or cell phone numbers via your personal donation page, and earn Golden Ticket Prizes on Monday!

Check out the following link to see what this EPIC event is all about!

Health Services Reminder - October 16th Deadline

The School Health Services Department reminds parents that the required State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination and Immunization form can be found online at health services on the district website. Information about requirements was included in this year's registration packet. Students' immunization status and physicals will be reviewed by Registered Nurses and School Nurses. Parents will be notified of any deficiencies. Per State law, if requirements are not met for the 2023-24 school year, students will be excluded from school starting on Monday, October 16, 2023. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Gregory Health Office at 630-428-6320.

Students entering preschool, kindergarten, sixth, and ninth grades, and new students to the district, must present proof of the required state of Illinois physical examination and immunizations. The student history portion of the examination form must be completed and signed by the parent. If this is not completed, the student will be excluded from school on October 16, 2023.

All students entering kindergarten, second, sixth, and ninth grade are required to present proof of an oral health examination completed by a licensed dentist. This will be due prior to May 15 of that academic year.

A vision examination is required of all students entering kindergarten or enrolling in an Illinois public school for the first time. Written proof of having been examined by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches or a licensed optometrist will be required.

Jennifer Cassidy BSN, RN, CMSRN

Registered Nurse

Indian Prairie School District

Need an Interpreter?

Indian Prairie School District 204 recently acquired a system to help us communicate with all of our families regardless of language. Language Line Solutions is an on demand language service available 24/7. They have over 20,000 certified interpreters of over 240 languages that can help our staff and families overcome language access challenges. If you're in need of this service, please contact our guidance office. 630-428-6302

Power of Choice Parent Campaign

Parent Feedback Needed: Your feedback is needed for the new Power of Choice campaign! The Power of Choice is a project of 360 Youth Services working collaboratively with Districts 203 & 204 to provide campaigns for youth, parents, and the schools to support alcohol and vaping prevention. Parents of middle school students, this is your chance to be heard and make an impact! Your votes on the surveys below helps us to create materials for this year's Power of Choice campaign. Thank you!

Middle School Parent Survey Link:

September: Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month

The Student Services department will be presenting in classes throughout the month of September beginning on Monday, September 11 in support of Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month. We will spend one class period educating students about teen depression, the signs of suicide and how to get help. We hope this class discussion helps create awareness, eliminates the stigma associated with mental illness, and empowers teens to take charge of their mental health. Please contact your student’s school counselor with any questions, concerns, or if you would prefer to opt out of the lesson. You can also preview our presentation in your student’s Counselor Connection Google Classroom.

Ms. Koehler

Team 6-2 & 8th Grade

(630) 428-6314

Mrs. Leibfried

Team 6-1 & 7th Grade

(630) 428-6312

Additional Resources:

NAMI Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (SPAM)

988 Lifeline

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Erika’s Lighthouse


Michelle Leibfried

School Counselor 8th Grade & Team 6-2

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

PH: (630) 428-6312

GMS Counselor Website

If you or a friend is suicidal or needs support, please contact one of the emergency options below, or call 911.

Linden Oaks Behavioral Health to Schedule Free Mental Health Assessment: (630) 305-5027

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: 988 or 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text REACH to 741-741

Student Information

Patriot's Pen Competition

This year's theme is "How Are You Inspired by America?"

Students may access the entry form through VFW Youth Scholarship.

Submit completed entry forms and essay via mail or deliver to

VFW Post 3873

ATTN: Patriot's Pen Chairman
908 Jackson Ave.
Naperville, IL 60540

All submissions are due by October, 31.

6th Grade Fun Lunch

Starting next week, 6th graders will be randomly selected & invited to attend a 6th grade Fun Lunch. These lunches will provide an opportunity to meet students from other elementary schools, learn about each other, and provide the Counselors a chance to get to know our new 6th graders in a small group setting! Students will be invited via a pass handed out during their lunch period the day prior to their Fun Lunch and may bring a friend to participate with them. Students are not required to attend, however we think this is a great opportunity to meet other 6th graders they otherwise might not get to know! No special preparation is required – students should simply bring their regular school lunch or purchase lunch as they normally do. All students will have an opportunity to participate throughout first quarter. If there are any allergy concerns we should be aware of or if you prefer your student NOT be invited, please contact your Counselor.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to getting to know our 6th grade class!

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GMS Clubs

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