Individual Interaction

By Lillee Stuart

  1. Kaia- Proximity- Kaia and I went to middle school together and live 15 minutes away from each other. Approval- We are both very approving of each other, very understanding and comfortable around each other. Complimentary- She is very laid back, chill, down to earth, and basically a hippie, while I am very uptight and not laid back about anything and we balance each other out.
  2. Hunter- Reward Value- Happiness and a friend. Complimentary-He is very laid back while I am not. Approval- we are both very goofy with each other and comfortable around each other. Proximity- We live 10 minutes from each other. Physical Appearence- He is good looking so I keep him around.
  3. Mar- Proximity- we live 10 minutes from each other. Exposure- we are forced to go to the same school. Approval- we both are understand and approving of everything we do.

How I Catagorize

I become friends with people based off of usually the first impressions I get of them.

  • I like people who are easy to talk to
  • I socialize myself with funny, open people
  • Down to earth, Not judgmental people
  • Kindhearted
Unknowingly and accidentally I catagorize a lot of "Typical White Girls" as very closed minded, shallow girls. I believe people are put under a stereotype because if a small portion of whatever group they are in does something large that can stick with them forever no matter if the whole group of people really does it or not.

Generational Identity

Gay Rights- My view on gay rights is that people should be able to make their choices on love if that's what makes them happy. My parents veiw on gay rights is that it's not the "Biblical" thing to do and people should love opposite genders.

Religeon- My parents are very religious and Catholic while me on the other hand, don't know what I am but I still believe in a higher power than us.

Feminism- I believe that most feminist theses days don't work toward equality and they actually work toward making women the dominate gender. My mom believes that feminism is important.

Different perspectives come from different generations because of the power and influences in the world today.