Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

March 16-20

This Week in Class

We started off the week drafting our conclusion paragraph to the author letter and then moved into editing with a peer and typing. I will be grading each students typed paper but then each group will decide if they want to combine their letters into one or send them separately. Just a heads up, this letter will go into the gradebook as a project which will make or break some of the grades. If your child has read their group book, and has been on task in class, this letter will be a breeze for them. Check in with your child to see how they are doing. They have typed the letter in Google Docs. If I do not have a completed letter by Monday at 7:30 am, it will be considered late.

Our comprehension article this week is a little different. It is a drama titled, "The Newsies" and it is about newsboys who were on strike in 1899. We will performed a quick read though on Monday.

Upcoming Dates

March 26- Scholastic Orders Due

March 27- End of 3rd quarter...Next Friday!!

April 3-7- No School- Spring Break

April 13- 3:30-7:30 PM Parent/Teacher Conferences

Finding Time to Read

Instead of a book list this week, I thought this blog might be useful information.

I know that we all lead very busy lives. And I know that this blog is written by an adult, however I am hoping that you can get a little use out of it's information. Remember, you get out what you put in. If your child puts a lot of time into reading, they will reap benefits and life long rewards. For those reluctant readers, maybe some of these strategies will help to get them started.

Smash Book Ideas For the Week

I am so excited to hear that some of you are putting together a Smash book. Here are some ideas for a few more pages to go in it.

I got this picture off of Pinterest. I am saying that because I don't want you to think that I typed it up and left number 9 this way. As a Language Arts teacher, it is driving me nuts.

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