SCS Remote Learning

Helpful information during remote learning


Each day your student will need to fill out an attendance form from their school. Students will receive this form from their building principal or their teacher. Make sure each of your students fills out the form each day for accurate attendance.

Monday 8/24 Attendance form


Teachers will be posting assignments daily to Google Classroom by 9:00 am. Google Classroom can be found at If you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom please email your student's teacher.

SCS Student Remote Learning Expectations

The document linked below contains detailed expectations for our students. The last page of the document is a list of possible resources students and parents can use to help in the remote learning process.

Summary of student remote learning expectations.

  • Log into courses daily through Google Classroom

  • Fill out attendance form daily

  • Complete and submit home learning lessons and assignments

  • Communicate with teachers as needed

  • Spend an estimated 10-30 minutes on coursework for each class or content area.

  • Work on classwork for a total of 5 hours grades 1-6 or 6 hours grades 7-12

Click here to sign up for meals

You must sign up each week. Please carefully read all of the directions.

Free wifi locations

If you or your children need internet access, we have a few options during this time.

  1. Thanks to our internet provider, Mainstream Fiber Networks, there is now public wifi access available in two spots in Salem. This is 24/7 access. Choose the 1MSFNPublicWifi network. There is no password but you will need to accept the terms to gain access. On N. Harrison street in front of SHS and the parking lot adjacent to the football field will enable you to connect from your car. Near the Salem Public Library, there is an office building across the street (the old Duke Energy building). This access also extends into the library parking lot.
  2. For students with school-issued Chromebooks, there are two places where you may access the internet from your car. Your Chromebook should automatically connect to the internet. The north parking lot at SHS near the football locker room closest to N. Harrison St. The front of SMS by the main steps (facing Brock Creek). The front parking lot at BSE between the main office and the gym.
  3. The Salem Public Library is providing free access during specific hours: The WiFi is available from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each day of the week. They also have 2 study desks available inside for 1-hour reservations and the computer lab is available for 1-hour reservations.
  4. The YMCA has free wifi if you park in their parking lot.
  5. McDonald's has free wifi in their building or in the parking lot.
  6. Cheddar Depot: find Cheddar Depot Guest and use password saycheese

  7. Arbys - Find Arbys Wifi and it will take them to authentication page to connect

  8. Taco Bell - same process as Arby's

  9. Little York Christian Church, 272 N State Rd 39, Scottsburg, IN 47170. Pull into the parking lot at the main entrance and you can access the internet from your car. There is a guest login with no password.

Tech Help Hotlines

If you need help with your student's technology please call the following individuals.

BSE: call or text 812-307-8646.

SHS: 812-883-3904 x2010

SMS: 812-883-3808 x3010

You can also submit a tech ticket at